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Car maintenance is a very essential factor in keeping your car’s road safeness. If car maintenance is neglected, it may lead to poor performance or serious accident.  A car owner must allot a time to check the car weekly or before leaving, especially on a long drive. Here are the basics of car maintenance.

Things to check:



Tires should be properly inflated. A high pressure tire is vulnerable from punctures and may cause discomfort to passengers due to bumps. On the other side,  low pressure tires may suffer from pinching and damages of its walls. Wear indicator must be checked on a weekly basis  to keep a good traction. It won’t hurt to visit a tire and wheel expert when you’re not sure if your tire needs replacement.



Worn out brake pads may cause a serious damage to your disk brakes and would require replacement, worts thing is you could have an unwanted crash.  Have your brakes checked once a month and always test it before leaving.



Your car’s oil keeps your engine parts lubricated. If your car loses oil due to leaks or other circumstances, chances are it could lead to overheating of the engine at and very costly engine overhaul. Always check your oil level before leaving and have it changed every 3000-3500 miles or the  manufacturer’s prescribed period.



Have your fluids checked at least once a week. Radiators, power steering, transmission and breaks needs  valuable fluid that you must check regularly. Coolant is a kind of fluid in the radiator which cools your car’s engine. Your wheels turn smoothly because of power steering fluid, while transmission fluid makes shifting optimized. Last but not the least, the brake fluid that keeps your brake responsive in every step.