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Auto Detailing



At Superior Auto Styling, since we have been in the business for quite some time, we make sure to follow precise practices, we do want a polished job, leaving no imperfections. If you have something in your mind, do not hesitate to tell it to us, we would be glad to go extra miles to strip car components you would not want to get painted. Minor damages from a minor collision, and recommended restoration at a very affordable rate, as fast as we can.

We want to help you with your car issues, even an extensive damage that may require extra work is fine with us. We bring it to a whole new level, we do not only offer flawless paint jobs, and Superior Auto Styling prioritizes the durable elemental changes that may last longer than an average service. You have our words, we guarantee a clean work, without flaws.

Trust us, bring your damaged car, and we will restore your car to make it look as good as new.
Whether you are after for a wash or total package detail, we get our fulfillment from giving each car the meticulous service. We are eager to maintain quality and integrity and are committed to meet all of your car needs.

We offer the following Auto detailing Services:

  • Clean Ashtray
  • Detail Logos & Trim
  • Dress Tires
  • Hand Wash
  • Clean Tires, Rims & Wheel Wells, and wiper blades
  • Machine Buff Exterior
  • Machine Polish Exterior
  • Hand Application of Wax
  • Polymer Paint Sealant
  • Bugs & Tars Removal
  • Clay Painted areas/li>
  • Polish/Wax Rims
  • Molding and trim is dressed to protect it from the elements
  • Blow Out/ Vacuum Interior
  • Shampoo Upholstery, Carpets,
  • Seats and Floor Mats
  • Clean & Condition Leather
  • Headlights are polished
  • Clean/ Polish Windows, Mirrors
  • Clean all Vents, Gauges, and Knobs
  • Clean & Dress all Interior Vinyl