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Glass Replacement & Crack Repair

Glass Replacement

glass-replacement-homeWe cannot anticipate mishaps, whether your car is parked, or while you are running an errand, car glasses are prone to scratches, cracks, dents, stains, and even external factors. You cannot just ignore small cracks as it may get worse. The best thing to do is, bring it to a car glass specialist for check-up — bring it to the nearest Superior Auto Styling center. We will be glad to assist you, assess the condition of your car glass, and will advise you if it could be fixed or needs a replacement.
We guarantee quality service, since we are confident with our highly-skilled and well-trained technicians in automotive glass replacement. Before taking any actions, we examine the damaged range first, study the condition, and analyze the best solution with our knowledge and tools about glass repair/replacement. Take time to visit our center for us to have a good look of your car’s glass


Crack Repair


Just like glass dents, windshield cracks are possible no matter where you are – parked or on the road. As we all know, airborne entities that may possibly hit our windshield are something that out of our control. Either you have the toughest or sturdiest windshield, we never can tell, you might lucky enough to get a windshield crack with a small debris along the road. We highly suggest not to ignore this kind of problem, even if you think it is a small dent, as it may get worse over time. Let us take a windshield crack assessment, and we will recommend the appropriate action using our tools and techniques in repairing windshield cracks. With that being said, if you are assertive about your own skills in fixing the dent, we have available Do It Yourself kit as the cheaper alternative, but then again, consulting a professional won’t badly hurt your budget.
In case you wonder, our whole process meets the California vehicle code requirements.
The Ultra Bond process meets California vehicle code requirements.