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Wheels & Tires




Tires are the most important part of the car, next to the engine, and is considered as the backbone. It is the only contact between your vehicle and road, so it must be well-maintained, or replaced as needed. Either average, under or over, pressure level will ensure the performance quality – braking, traction, handling and steering. Under-inflated tires may bring unstable or poor performance while over-inflated may cause a bumpy ride. Either way, it may end up uneven wearing on each tire. You have to check it from time to time as it loses pressure if not sustained, or hit something on the road.

Do not forget to change your tires when needed. As much as possible, do not wait until your tires become totally bald to avoid accidents. We have a variety of tires which you can choose from, check our list, as we might have your favorite brand or desired size.


Newly painted car would probably look dull without flashing or flaring wheels. It simply polishes the whole look of your car. If you think alloy, steel, chrome, aluminum, or custom wheels, is perfect for your car, we have it for you. We have a wide range of choices for you to choose from, whether original rim size or a bigger one.
Unlike choosing tires, which will depend on your needs and driving style, picking the perfect wheels might be extra challenging because you do not have an actual guideline. And with that being said, let us help you to make your car from looking ordinary to stunning by simply bring your car in our service center!