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How to Maintain Tires

Tires are your only contact with the road, it gives you the proper grip on the slippery road, takes all the beating on a bumpy road and a lot more. Maintaining your tires is the one of the most important things that you should always keep in mind. Proper tire maintenance will definitely improve your car’s road safeness and will make it last longer. Here’s the checklist for a proper tire maintenance.

Tire Pressure Check

Losing your tire inflation pressure is inevitable. That’s why it needs to be regularly checked. Overinflated tires are easily damaged by debris and potholes that you might encounter while driving. On the other side, underinflated tires will be easily bent and would reduce the fuel economy, the thread’s lifespan, handling in sharp corners and also your steering.

Tire Rotation Services

There’s a huge chance that one or two of your tires would be the first to wear out, it must be immediately checked so it could be determined. Tire rotation experts will place all the tires in the right order to have an even wear. Usually, the tires with the thicker thread should be placed at the rear to have good traction.

Tire Balancing

Tires are needed to be balanced to avoid bouncing and wobbling. Failure to do so may lead to poor treadwear, stress on the car and annoying vibration. New tires should be balanced immediately, to have an even wear on the threads. It’s also recommended to have your old tires checked if balanced, especially if you lost correction weights.

Tire Alignment Inspection

Having your tires aligned will provide you better handling, thus making your vehicle safe to drive. It’s recommended to have your wheels checked every 6 months or immediately if you noticed something unusual in your vehicle’s handling and also when you run over to potholes.





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