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What is Car Detailing

Car detailing or Auto Detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning and polishing the interior and

exterior parts of a vehicle. It’s the best procedure to keep your car’s fresh look and increase if not

maintain its resale value. Always make sure that the car detailer doesn’t do any shortcuts and must be

very familiar to the type of your car because some parts need to be detached for cleaning.


When it comes to car exterior detailing, wax is applied to keep the paint’s shine and gloss and remove

minor scratches & swirls. Every part should be cleaned and the windows, rims and mirrors and the

headlights should be buffed & polished to have the best view when driving. Trims and Logos should also

be detailed while tires are dressed for a flashy look.


For interior car detailing, it should be blown out and vacuumed to make it free from dust. Upholstery,

carpet, seats, and floor mats must be shampooed to remove any stains and nasty odors. All Interior vinyl

are cleaned and dressed while the leather parts are cleaned and conditioned.

Car detailing is a very practical solution to maintain your car’s mint condition look and save money from

costly paint jobs and restoration.





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